Sound-Pol is one of the first and largest Polish music libraries for professional use in all types of audiovisual media. Created by Polish composers only, it covers a wide range of musical styles, perfectly suited for all types of production. It offers a wide range of tunes for background instrumentals in movies, TV, radio and Internet commercials, multimedia presentations and websites. Vast musical styles, together with high quality performances by renowned Polish composers, make Sound-Pol catalogue an easy choice for every producer and music supervisor. Whatever musical style you are looking for, Sound-Pol meets your needs and expectations. Our composers are one of the most prolific and iconic Polish musicians, including : Michał Lorenc, Szymon Wysocki, Tadeusz Bajewski, Krzysztof Pszona, Filip Sojka, Kostek Joriadis, Radek Chwieralski, Sebastian Olko, Paweł Bieda and others.